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I don't think there's anybody who has played baseball and not struck out to end a game. Fouling off the ball into the catcher's glove is probably the best way to go. Much better than looking at the last pitch. I can think of two times I've done that.
But you'll notice that most of the teams that win these sort of things and go to the Little league World Series are teams with parents who bring tents to cover the bleachers on their side and while all of us on the other side fry in the sun. The teams with a team mom, not one that the coach just put in as a joke. The teams with parents that point out the number of Jewish names on the opposing team. Its not really about ability anymore. So the next time... we need to get a tent. That'll show them Southern Maylanders.

Library Cat

Well done, Joseph. You sound like a great coach. My oldest son played coach-pitch baseball for the first time this year. He was scared of the ball and had a hard time overcoming his fear of batting. When he finally hit the ball even though it went foul he danced around like he had won the World Series. His team and all our parents were cheering and it was a beautiful thing.

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